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5.0 stars | 280 reviews
5.0 stars | 280 reviews
Elite Performance Plumbing|1064 Center Drive, Richmond, KY 40475|(606) 356-6438
"These guys were great. From Alex who was the lead and kept the job moving while also communicating status and next steps. We never had to guess what was needed or going on. To Cindy who was always on the ball and delivered..."
carolyn bacaDec 31, 2023
"Thank you Jacob / Elite Performance Plumbing for fixing our leaking sink in the Lexington area. Professional, trustworthy plumbing company that I highly recommend."
Katie JohnsonDec 29, 2023
"I really appreciated your quick response to my call. Your technicians were very courteous And did a fine job. I especially liked the price that was charged. I will definitely tell my friends about you. Again, thanks and..."
Marie RowlandDec 29, 2023
"Alex was very knowledgeable and skilled at his profession! I highly recommend him and his company for any plumbing job."
Jim PlaistedDec 28, 2023
Martin ShrefflerDec 27, 2023
Bill AdamsDec 27, 2023

Our Plumbing Services

At Elite Performance Plumbing, we pride ourselves on putting families and communities first by providing dependable plumbing solutions that won't break the bank. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with every job we take on.

Full-Service Plumbing

As a master plumber, our plumbing services are unmatched in quality and affordability. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services, so whether you need a leaky faucet fixed at home or a major plumbing installation at your business, we have you covered. In addition, our emergency plumbing services ensure that we are there for you when you need us most, no matter the time of day or night. As your trusted plumbing contractor, Elite Performance Plumbing is dedicated to providing you with the best plumbing services available.

Drain Cleaning

We provide top-of-the-line drain cleaning services for both residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our experienced team utilizes the latest technology and techniques to efficiently and effectively clear any clogs or blockages in your pipes. Trust us for all your drain cleaning needs.

Tankless Water Heater

Upgrade to the future of hot water with our expert tankless water heater installations. Trust our skilled plumbers for efficient and reliable service.

Water Heater Installation

Our skilled professionals specialize in providing top-notch water heater installation services for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure that your water heater is installed perfectly and up to Kentucky building code. Whether it's a new installation or a replacement, our team can handle all of your water heater installation needs.

Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair is our specialty. Our expert technicians are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide top-notch repair services for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. Whether you're dealing with a minor issue or a major breakdown, we've got you covered with reliable and efficient solutions.

Water Line Repair

Water line repair is one of the residential and commercial plumbing services we provide at Elite Performance Plumbing. Our team of experienced professionals can diagnose and repair any issues related to water lines, ensuring that our customers have a steady and reliable water supply. Whether it's a leak, break, or clog, we have the expertise to fix it promptly and effectively.

Sewer Line Repair

We offer top-of-the-line sewer line repair services to both residential and commercial plumbing clients. Our experienced team can quickly diagnose and solve any issue with your sewer system, ensuring that your plumbing is running smoothly in no time. Trust us for all of your sewer line repair needs.

Toilet Repair

Toilet repair is our specialty at Elite Performance Plumbing. Our residential plumbing experts are highly trained and experienced in fixing any toilet problem you may encounter. In addition to our exceptional residential services, we also provide top-notch commercial plumbing services to businesses in need of toilet repairs.

Camera Inspections

Discover hidden problems with precision. Our drain pipe camera inspections provide a clear view of your plumbing system for accurate diagnoses and efficient repairs.

Sewer Service Location

Our experts specialize in accurately locating sewer services on your property for efficient repairs and maintenance.

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